Saturday, May 30, 2009

what happens on the the winter and spring

I have been wanting to show you what the farm looks like in the winter and spring...but didn't get anything posted until now. I wasn't sure if anyone really looked at our website or blog during the winter. So...since we are waiting for those strawberries to ripen, I thought I would give you some pictures to look at. If you aren't's ok. Check back next week for a strawberry update!
Blueberries in the fall...they turn a beautiful red color. Later in the winter they are pruned and shaped up for the next season.

This is how they looked at the end of December. It was an unusually snowy winter....remember??

The Peach orchard gets pruned in the spring also and when the trees start to bloom, they are gorgeous.
Then we watch the temperatures at night. If it drops below freezing, the frost prevention needs to be turned on in the orchard. This year, there were many nights of waking...and going out to turn the misting sprinklers on. The water coats the small immature fruit and insulates to keep the peaches from freezing. The bucket in the picture has the sprinkler heads in it after the irrigation system was removed a few weeks ago.
When the rain stops and the fields dry out enough the spring field work begins...plowing, planting, hoeing and irrigating. Hope you enjoyed this small sampling of what goes on at the farm.

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Welcome to our 2009 Season!...almost.

SAUVIE ISLAND FARMS 2009. We are looking forward to a great season this year. Once the sun starts to shine in Oregon, our phone starts ringing, with people asking if the strawberries are ripe! We LOVE the enthusiasm, but the strawberries need warm temperatures at night, as well as the sunshine for them to ripen. A pictures speaks a thousand words, so take a look for yourself. These are the strawberries in our field this last week of May. Still pretty green. They are increasing in size and there are a LOT of blooms, so it is going to be a great harvest, once they start to ripen. We might have a few ripe berries by the first weekend of June. Check back!

The peonies, our first flowers to bloom in the u cut garden are almost ready to pop. There are tons of blooms this year..they just a few more days also!We will also have baby spinach, peas and lettuce for our first veggies this year. We are looking forward to opening the farm for you to come out and pick your own fruit and veggies right from the field where they are grown. If you would like to receive an email update each time we add info to this blog, you can add your address on the right of this page. This will help you stay current with all that we have available for you to pick at

Lots of things are growing on the farm....check back for an update of what has been happening this past winter and spring! coming soon.....!