Friday, June 26, 2015

it's hot, hot, HOT!!

Sauvie Island Farms
will be open our regular hours during these hot days.  
Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm
Available this week:
Red raspberries, Yellow raspberries, Marionberries & Blueberries
We need to get the berries picked before too many days of heat, as they will continue to ripen and drop off the vines or dry up from the heat.  Don't wait, we can't predict how long they will last with this weather.

Veggies:  kale, zucchini, peas, spinach, lettuce, broccoli, cabbage AND pickling cukes--they are small sized, but will continue to get larger each day.
Herbs:   u-cut dill, spearmint, sage, rosemary, basil,
cilantro, thyme, and lavender.  The lavender is blooming now!!
Flowers:   dahlias, shasta daisies, glads, cosmos, sunflowers, baby's breath and more!
We will have our tractor pulled wagon ride running each day to take you out to the fields.

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Middle of June

It's the middle of the June already, 
and I must apologize for not getting an update sent out since the end of May.  
It's been a busy 4 weeks for the farmer and our family.  
Our son got married in California on May 16th. 
Our daughter's medical school commencement was two weekends ago
and our youngest son graduated from OSU last Saturday.
We have been celebrating all of these major family events, in the midst of an early strawberry season on the farm. Thanks for your patience, and understanding.
We are blessed by our kids, as well as those of you who come to our farm to pick produce., it's all about YOU.
Here is what's happening on the farm:
We are finishing up with strawberries this week.  The 'hunting around the fields' has begun and some of you have been successful!  We will keep the fields open for the rest of this week.
The strawberries are $1.50 per lb.  

Our raspberries are ripening slowly...surprisingly enough.  We had the first picking of Tulameens come off the vines at the beginning of this week, and there are many more to ripen, but they do need a few more days.  The Saanich and Coho also have a few ripe with many more to come.  You can pick raspberries, just don't expect large quantities right now.
Our yellow raspberries will continue to ripen over the next few weeks also.

Early Blue Blueberries are so ready to be picked.  They are great flavor and a good size this year.
The Blue Crop Blueberries are going to be ready to pick in another week or more.  SO, there are and will be plenty of blueberries to pick on the farm.
Blue and Raspberries are $2.00 per lb.  We also have fresh picked flats each day for $27.00

Marionberries are still a few weeks away.

Veggies: we have kale, spinach, zucchini and lettuce to pick right now.  The green beans and pickling cukes are planted and should be ready in a couple of weeks.

Some of our flowers are blooming: dahlia, daisies, lavender, lilies, glads, and even a few sunflowers.

Lots of questions come our way about the warm weather and lack of rain this spring.  As it always seems to be in the farming business, you learn to adjust.  It seems that the berry crops are a week or so earlier than last year, and the peaches may end up that way also.  All of our veggie crops should on schedule,  our irrigators are going to keep very busy this year!

For current ripe and ready info on the farm you can check  Sauvie Island Farms facebook page, also instagram and twitter @SauvieIsFarms
or call our info line: 503-621-3988