Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Rosa Peaches, Sweet Corn, Chester Blackberries

Rosa Peaches are tree ripened and ready to be pick at Sauvie Island Farms.
This is a freestone peach, which means it comes off the pit nicely.  
Great flavor and easy to work with!

Our blueberry season is coming to a quick end, there are a just a few 
Blue Crop blueberries left to pick.
Each day , more and more Chester Blackberries are ripening, and there are lots 
of red ones waiting to ripen.

Our marionberry season is also coming to an end, if you hunt around you can find a few pounds.
Bodacious Sweet Corn is ready to be pick, 
also cabbage, kale, zucchini, peppers, lettuce, broccoli, cauliflower, slicing and lemon cucumbers.  It will be another week before we have a new planting of green beans and pickling cucumbers.  
So many flowers blooming right now, the u-cut garden is bursting with color!