Thursday, June 12, 2014

That was fast!

Strawberry season at Sauvie Island Farms
 is coming to a quick finish.
Sweet, but small berries left, picking will take
some effort! 
We will keep the fields open thru June 18th.

Early Blue Blueberries are ripe!  Only $2 per lb u-pick.

Yellow & Red Raspberries ripening also.  Not a large
quantity yet, just a few handfuls of sweetness!
Also $2 per lb u-pick

Spinach and Kale ready to harvest $3 per lb.

A few flowers are starting to bloom~ hydrangeas, daisies, lavender.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Beautiful Oregon weather

The strawberries at Sauvie Island Farms are loving this warm weather and they are ripening quickly.  The Hoods, Valley Reds and Shuksans are
all ready to harvest NOW!  They are large sized, easy to pick and as sweet as ever. 
U-pick strawberries are $1.50 per lb.  We also have fresh picked each day. 
This is the week to come to the farm for some gorgeous Oregon strawberries! The strawberries won't last long.  And this year, you can leave your rain boots at home!!