Wednesday, May 28, 2008


What'a a farmer's wife to do? It is time to join the world of high tech communication.
Our college age daughter, who has created a blog just to express her thoughts, introduced me to the 'blogging world'. I would prefer to sit on our back deck with a glass of iced tea and have a little chat with all of you , but since that isn't possible this will be the next best thing?...maybe. I will use this cyberspace blog to let you know what is happening on the farm and to update you about what is ripe and ready for you to pick at Sauvie Island Farms. The 2008 season is starting very slowing, with the cool and raining weather that we continue to have during the month of May. We also have sad news about our strawberry crop this year. The entire field has been infested with a small bug, root weevil, that has completely destroyed the root systems of our plants. We will not have u-pick strawberries in 2008. We have planted a new field for next year and should have a beautiful first year strawberry harvest. There are other u-picks on Sauvie Island. Hopefully you can find your strawberries at one of our neighbor's farms this year. We will open for the season when the raspberries are ripe. This was mid-June last year, so we are hoping it will be about the same timing for this year! Check back for an update!

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susan said...

Thanks, that was just the info I was looking for (about the strawberries). Sorry about the pests! I'll try for raspberries.