Friday, August 8, 2008

on the farm

The DAHLIAS are blooming on the farm.
The RED HAVEN PEACHES are ripe on the trees waiting to be picked. The raspberries and marionberries are coming to an end....there are still a few hiding under the vines....if you are willing to hunt for them. Blueberries are still on the bushes...not as plentiful as they were last week, but there are still berries to be pick. The Chester Blackberries have started to ripen with lots more to ripen in the next couple of weeks.
All of the berries and the peaches are $1.50 per lb. The peach price drops if you pick over 15 lbs to $1.25 and over 50 lbs to $1.00 per lb.
Green beans, pickling cukes, zucchini, cabbage and lettuce are ready to pick. We are still waiting for the sweet corn to ripen.....maybe by next weekend!! FLOWERS....all colors, sizes and shapes are ready for you to cut!!! Hope to see you soon on the farm!!

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