Monday, August 25, 2008


VETERAN PEACHES are ready to pick this week at SAUVIE ISLAND FARMS. This variety is excellent for fresh eating, freezing and canning. The peach comes off the pit very easily and the skins slip off without scalding.
This variety doesn't get the reddish color like some of our other peaches, but the flavor is sweet and juicy!! It looks like the cold spring we had took it's toll on this variety and we do NOT have a very big crop of Veterans this year, so if this is the peach you have been waiting for, this is the week to come out to pick!!
Our NECTARINES are large sized this year! Some of them are ripe and ready to pick....others need a few mores days to ripen!! Some years we don't get ripe nectarines but this year we do have a nice crop!
BARTLETT PEARS are beautiful and ready to be picked. A pear is always picked 'green'...before it softens on the tree. If you wait for it to soften on the tree the texture will be very grainy. Pick the pears now and put them in a cool place or in a brown paper bag to ripen and you will have pears to eat in about 7-10 days!! The pears will turn yellow as they ripen. Once they are ripe, you can refrigerate them for a couple of days. yummy!
BEAUTIFUL FLOWERS on the farm this year!! And did I mention that our 8000 dahlia plants are blooming and ready to cut?

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