Wednesday, August 13, 2008 many PEACHES!!!!

The RED HAVEN PEACHES are tree ripened and
ready to pick this week at SAUVIE ISLAND FARMS. We have soooooo many peaches and with the hot weather predicted for the rest of this week, these peaches will continue to ripen on
the trees, until they drop to the ground. This is the week to come out to the farm to get a sweet, juicy tree ripen Red Haven Peach!! Our u-pick price is just $1.50 per lb. If you pick over 15 lbs, the price drops to $1.25 per lb. and if you pick over 50 lbs. the price is just $1.00 per lb. We only harvest our peaches by having YOU pick them. There isn't a cannery or market for these peaches, so we need your help in picking the RED HAVENS before they fall off the trees.
There is an EXCELLENT cobbler recipe on our website, "David's Favorite"...go to and click on the recipe link. Our 'back to college' age daughter made one last night to take to school with her, for her friend from Kenya, who has never had a homemade peach cobbler! It should be a hit!! We also enjoy this recipe with berries, or even combining peaches and berries! Hope you will try it out.....I think it will become a favorite of yours also!!! (Sorry...This isn't a very good picture...don't judge the cobbler by the picture!! You really need to try it!)

Posted by PicasaHope to see you soon on the farm!!!

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