Thursday, June 11, 2009


The strawberries at Sauvie Island Farms
are beautiful, sweet and easy to pick. This year we have all first year fields and the first picking in each field is amazing.

Last year, our strawberry fields didn't produce any berries because of the nasty root weevil pest that destroyed all the root of the plants. So we a different location.
We have three varieties of strawberries this year. HOOD, SHUKSAN & HONEOYE.
The HOOD variety is an Oregon favorite. The berries are a little smaller in size than other varieties, but the flavor and sweetness is the best!
The SHUKSAN variety is also a great sweet berry, larger in size and firmer.
The HONEOYE is new for us this year. This variety is producing a very larger crop of berries, they are very large and have a longer 'shelf life' than the other varieties!
ALL of our berries are OREGON grown, so they can't be beat! We will have strawberries for you to pick thru the month of JUNE!! Hope to see you soon on the farm.
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