Thursday, July 7, 2011

Berries on the farm

Sauvie Island Farms...Blueberries

We have started picking the Early Blues this week. It looks like a great crop of blueberries this year. Not all are ripe, so be selective when picking! The blues and raspberries are $1.75 per lb.
Sauvie Island Farms... Raspberries

It's the beginning of the season for raspberries. There are a few ripe berries ready to be picked and a lot that will be ripe in a week or so. If you want a taste of raspberry and are willing to look for only the ripest, you can find some nice sweet fruit. Hint: lift up the vines and look inside for the ripe ones, if the berry is pulling away from the core as in the close up picture above, it is ready to be picked. If you have to pull on a raspberry to get it off the vine, it is not ready.:) With each sunny day, more and more of these berries will ripen.

A few veggies are also ready this week....cabbage, spinach and lettuce.
The shasta daisies are blooming & a few dahlias.

It's the end of the season from strawberries. We have some sweet, but small berries in the Hood patch, if you want to hunt around for them!

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