Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Berries at Sauvie Island Farms

All three BERRIES available at Sauvie Island Farms this week.
Strawberries are in their final week, we do have some nice beautiful Hood strawberries waiting to be picked.  The strawberries are $1.50/lb.
Raspberries have started!!  We are picking our Tulameen and Saanich varieties.  
These berries are so easy to pick, large and great flavor. 
The Early Blue Blueberry bushes are loaded with ripe fruit right now.  So easy to pick, and as you may be hearing in the news, so good for you nutritionally!!  Blueberries freeze nicely, and are a great snack right out of the freezer.  Raspberries and Blueberries are $2.00/lb.
We will begin picking CHERRIES on Saturday, June 30th.  
We don't have a lot of cherry trees
so don't miss out on them!  They are $2.00/lb.
We also have 5 baby ducklings, just hatched last week.....they are so cute!  
It's a great time to come out to the farm.

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