Thursday, June 14, 2012

A strawberry by any other name would taste as sweet.

STRAWBERRIES at Sauvie Island Farms are ripe and ready to be picked.
We are growing four different varieties of strawberries in our fields this year.
Understandably, this may not matter to some people, but since others may have a preference,
I just thought we would explain that you have a choice this year!

 An Oregon berry that has been around for years.  Very sweet with a bright red color. Many people only want Hoods.  This variety has a short growing season, only lasting about 2 weeks.  Also after the first picking, the fruit is smaller, but sweeter!  Strawberry transplants are planted in the spring, but we do not get the first harvest until the next June.  At Sauvie Island Farms, we usually keep our plants for three harvest seasons. This year our first year field of Hoods has beautiful big berries waiting to be picked.  They won't last long!!  We also have a 2nd and 3rd year field with sweet berries, just not as big.
 New to the farm this year, this berry is sweet, with a nice red color throughout the entire berry and is excellent for preserving, or freezing.
We have had this variety on the farm for 3 years now, it is the first berry to ripen, producing a firm, deep red berry, but isn't as sweet as some of the other berries.  This variety is excellent for freezing due to its firm texture. These are smaller in size this year.
This is the last variety to ripen on the farm, and it has become a favorite of many, due to its size, and flavor.  It is easy to identify a Shuksan because the berries tend to have deep ridges in them.  This variety is my favorite for flavor and texture.
So, that's the line up of the berries available at Sauvie Island Farms, AND they are all ripe and ready to be picked this week. If you want to experiment and choose a favorite, you are welcome to u-pick in all four varieties!  All of our strawberries are OREGON grown, with great flavor, and are easy to pick.
Come and decide what your favorite is!  We are open Monday-Saturday, 8am-7pm.

Sauvie Island Farms is located at 19818 NW Sauvie Island Road, Portland OR  503.621.3988

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