Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Red Haven Peaches

It's time to pick Red Haven Peaches at 
Sauvie Island Farms.
The orchard is loaded with beautiful tree ripened peaches this week.  U-pick for only $1.50 per lb.  The price drops to  $1.25 per lb if you pick over 15 lbs. 
and to just $1.00 per lb if you pick over 50 lbs.

On the farm this week, we also have beautiful 
Blue Crop Blueberries.  The bushes are loaded with larger size, sweet fruit right now.  They are so easy to pick, and so good for you.
We are at the end of the season for raspberries, but you can still find some in the Saanich and Cohos.
Just a handful of Chester blackberries have started to ripen if you want to get the first taste of the season.
Marionberry season is over and the yellow raspberries need a few weeks to ripen up again.

Pick Your Own berries are $2.50 per lb.  We have fresh pick flats of blueberries and raspberries each day, until the raspberries are all finished up.

Veggies this week:  we have a young patch of green beans,  small sized pickling cukes, dill, cabbage, lettuce, kale, broccoli, peas, & zucchini

Beautiful flowers are blooming in the u-cut garden, dahlias, sunflowers, bachelor buttons, cosmos, zinnias, lavender, daisies, baby's breath, gladiolus, amaranthus.

There have been some Pokemon sightings here on the farm :)  
(if you don't know what that means, it's ok....ask someone under the age of 25)!!
It's a great week to come out to Sauvie Island Farms.
Open Monday-Saturday 8am-7pm  for more info call 
or visit our website  www.sauvieislandfarms.com  

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