Friday, July 4, 2008

John Deere D

As the saying goes.... 'you can tell the men from the boys by the size of their toys'...or something like that. The men on the farm have a new toy this year! A 1944 John Deere D. I don't really know much about the tractor, except it looks nice, and to start it you have to spin a wheel....or something like that. We are using this new toy to pull a wagon which you can ride on out to the berry fields. No cars are allowed on the farm this year. So, you can walk to the fields, enjoy the view, and get some exercise OR you can ride on the wagon pulled by the tractor for just $1.00 per person. Family price of just $5.00. We hope you enjoy this new addition to our farm, as much as the men are!! And when you come out, I am sure they would be happy to explain how it works, if you are interested!
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