Sunday, July 6, 2008

blueberries, raspberries & cherries

This week we will continue to pick 'Early Blue' blueberries. The bushes are loaded with beautiful, sweet berries. We are also picking 'Tulameen' raspberries. This is the beginning of the raspberry season, there are ripe berries to pick now, and lots more to ripen. Both berries are just $1.50 per lb for u-pick. Most of the ripe least those that can be reached without a ladder...have been picked. The 'Royal Anne' cherries are not ripe yet, so we will have those for you in a week or so. We will get the too high to reach cherries picked this week and have them at the sales tent already picked for $2.00 per lb. Let us know if you would like to have some of these reserved for our farm line and leave a message!
We have cabbage and lettuce for u-pick this week. In the u-cut flowers, the shasta daisies are blooming, the lavender is opening up and some of our other perennials should start to bloom soon.

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