Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2011 Peach Crop

The Early Red Haven Peaches are ready to be picked!  We are opening up the orchard on Wednesday, August 3rd. 
Our peach crop looks great this year inspite of the weather issues we had earlier in the year.  As usual there were many nights of watching the temperature to see if it was going to drop below freezing,..the lowest temps are usually between  2-4am.... and if it looks like it is going below 32 degrees, out of bed hopped the farmer to go out and turn on our mist irrigation-'frost prevention'.  A light coating of water surrounding the buds and small fruit insulates them so that they do not freeze.  For the most part, it appears to have worked and we will have beautiful tree ripened peaches again this year! 
The Early Red Havens are our first variety of the six that we have in our orchard, so we should have peaches for the next several weeks.    Red Havens will be riping next, then Rosa, Hale-Haven, Veteran, and Elberta.   We are always looking for new interesting recipes, so if you have a great peach recipe to share, email it to us at  and we will post it here on the blog!

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