Friday, August 5, 2011

PEACH UPDATE for Sauvie Island Farms

Our Early Red Haven Peaches are completely gone...thanks to all of you who came out in the past two days to pick.  We didn't have a large crop of this variety and had hoped there would be peaches to be picked thru saturday, but unfortunately they are all gone.  Our next peach to ripen is the RED HAVEN, and they are still too firm to pick.  The sugar level and peach flavor comes out in the last few days of ripening, and if the peach is picked too 'green', it is not as sweet and flavorful, so we want to wait to open the orchard for the Red Havens.  It should be toward the end of next week before we have nice tree ripened peaches available for you to pick on the farm.  Thanks for understanding! 

Our raspberries are coming to the end of the season also, so the next few days would be the best time to get raspberries for this year.  The Blue Crop blueberries are excellent right now...lots to be picked. We also have green beans, pickling cukes, lettuce, cabbage, spinach, peas, zucchini and flowers.  Our Chester blackberries and sweet corn should be ripe and ready to pick in about two weeks.

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