Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Strawberries in the news......and new policy at Sauvie Island Farms

A recent news story has brought strawberries back into the news, even though our 2011 harvest is over.
As many of you may have heard, the e coli outbreak from strawberries is isolated to just one farm in Newberg, Oregon.  If you froze berries from Sauvie Island Farms, there is no reason to throw them out.
The news of this outbreak has caused us to evaluate our field conditions and the activities that we allow on our farm.  Unfortunately the conclusion we came to will be disappointing to many of you.  We have made the decision to no longer allow dogs in the u-pick area or on the farm.  We want to provide all of our customers with the safest and highest qualitity of fruits and veggies, and since this is a factor that we can not control, we have had to make this decision.  We are hoping that in light of the recent event at the other farm in Oregon, you will understand why we are doing this.  We know that it might take awhile for the word to get out to all our customers, so we will be patient as we hope you will be as we implement this new policy on the farm.

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