Wednesday, August 2, 2017

August on the farm

August is here and so are the RED HAVEN PEACHES  

It's time to pick sweet tree ripened peaches.  
We are opening the orchard on Thursday, August 3.

The Red Havens are an excellent fresh eating, canning and freezing peach.
They are classified a freestone, which means they are suppose to come off the pit easily.  If they are really ripe, they do come off nicely, but they can be a bit sticky sometimes.  Many people love the flavor and color of this peach, and it is worth the little bit of effort to get them into their canning jars or freezer bags.

Red Havens are for u-pick at $1.50 per lb, with discounts for large quantities.

We know it's hot this week and next, so come prepared with lots of water and sunscreen.

We are also picking:
Blue Crop and Liberty Blueberries
Saanich Raspberries - end of the season
Marionberries - more will ripen by next week

Pickling cukes
Green Beans

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